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SOLDSamburu SunsetOil on Linen 24"x24"Contact Journeys West Gallery - - Samburu Sunset
Samburu Sunset
SOLDStand Your GroundOil on Linen 48"x36" - - Stand Your Ground
Stand Your Ground
SOLDUnder The Baobab TreeOil on Linen 24"x32"Available - - Under Kilimanjaro
Under Kilimanjaro
SOLDPersonal ValetOil on Canvas 8"x10"Available - - Personal Valet
Personal Valet
SOLDFamily OutingOil on Linen 15"x30" - - Family Outing
Family Outing
SOLDAfrican SunsetOil on Canvas 12"x24" - - African Sunset
African Sunset

Yin and YangOil on Linen 24"x36"Available - - Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang

SOLDThe High RoadOil on Canvas 24"x36" - - The High Road
The High Road

SOLDGiraffes of SamburuOil on Canvas 12"x16" - - Giraffes of Samburu
Giraffes of Samburu